If you have not heard about the movie called ‘Money Heist,’ then you are probably living under the rock. No insult intended, but it would be surprising if you have not heard about it because it has been on everyone’s lip since it first came out.

Talking about the plot of the movie, Money Heist is simply unrivaled in its plots. You can liken it to a game of chess. Why do we say that? Because, as you watch it, you discover that it tests your intellectual prowess.

The production team planned the heist for a considerable time before its execution. Whatever variable available were put into consideration. As you watch, you will see that the team constantly has plans A, B, and C, to fall back on just in case anything happens and it is not according to plan. They were never get caught by surprise in any situation which is really awesome. Among the plan they came up with was to get their faces covered with different masked outfit daily.

In real life, as often happens, things may not always go the way we planned. Unforeseen situations can come up and you do not want to get caught up somehow. With this in mind, you will be glued to your screen wondering how your favorite characters will overcome an unfavorable situation. Really, It is such an interesting movie that will get you glued to your screen from the start to the end.

  Money Heist is a Spanish movie that no one could have thought could go viral or become popular among movie lovers on Netflix. But it really deserves its place among the global best movies ever. Apart from the interesting characters in the movie, another thing that makes it be such a-must-watch movie is that each part comes with a different plot that will get you hooked and tense.

Indeed, until you watch Money Heist, you would not appreciate how good this movie is just is. It is available on Netflix and you will really enjoy watching it.

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