It is no longer news that several people have been killed in the US in the past week. There was a mass shooting in El Paso, TX, and Dayton, OH. Tears and sorrow were suddenly visited on innocent families and other victims who sustained injuries.

Gun violence has been America greatest challenge in recent years and it seems there is no quick solution in sight. Hard as that may sound, it is actually the reality. With many people believing that the Government of the day is fanning the ember of violence by giving tacit support to white supremacists, it does not appear there is a quick solution in sight.

Of course, it does not mean the Trump’s admiration is doing nothing about this violence, but it appears to be facing many challenges with gun control legislation. It has been at loggerhead with the opposition in the Congress and others outside who believe that much is not been done to prevent gun violence.

In the wake of this challenge and protest in different quarters, the Democratic presidential candidate hopeful, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, has revealed what she intends to do to fight gun violence if she gets to the White House. She said she would like to take serious actions within 100 days in office if elected president.

 She believes a rigorous restructuring of federal gun laws is overdue. Besides, Warren specifically mentioned a plan to eliminate the “boyfriend loophole” that seem to expose more women to gun violence. No doubt, a good plan. But, will she succeed?

Of course, politicians would like to use the unfortunate incidences for political reason. We all know the problem can be tackled, but how will the opposition to new gun control law be overcome? No one has the answer yet, but we just have to believe it would be found.

For the victims’ families, it is a difficult time to go through and trying to overcome the loss of loved ones can be difficult. Indeed, it is such a tragedy they wish never happened.

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