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The hue and cry that was raised about the Bhanwari Devi case are yet to settle, as many of the accused have still not been arrested. The case is yet to reach a conclusion in the trial, delayed by absconders in the case. Additionally, despite strong allegations against a few members, investigating agencies have unable to make headway are collect additional evidence for formally arresting the individuals.

The Central Bureau of Investigation has repeatedly questioned these individuals who have been alleged to have a role in the case. However, as a result of insufficient evidence, the individuals remain free from arrest. This does not actually absolve the individuals of any wrongdoing or role in the case. It is only the nature of the evidence that is not available, which has given them freedom.

One such individual is Sunil Gurjar who is alleged to have played a very important role in the case. Despite being questioned on multiple occasions, he has not been arrested yet. A complaint has been filed against him by his own brother in law, which portrays his character and conduct. He apparently agreed to sell his Mercedes car to his brother-in-law and took the agreed amount in two tranches. His brother-in-law Surendra, expected to take custody of the car after the second installment of the amount was handed over. However, even after handing over the money as agreed, Sunil failed to give possession of the car.

This prompted Surendra to file a complaint with the jurisdictional police regarding the fraud. The complaint and the supporting documents that have been presented by the victim clearly show that Sunil Gurjar planned the fraud in detail. Surendra paid an advance amount to Sunil, following which Surendra also applied for a loan to pay the remaining amount to Sunil. In pursuance of this, Sunil also signed the necessary documents which had to be presented for the purpose of availing the loan. After approval of the loan, and on receipt of the loan amount, Surendra handed over the entire amount to Sunil in good faith.

However, Sunil failed to handover possession of the car. This is the timeline of events that happened in the case following which Surendra filed a complaint with the jurisdictional police. While this is clearly a case of cheating, with various sections of the law applicable to the offense, it is, more importantly, an indication of the character and conduct of Sunil Gurjar. His desire to acquire wealth, by all means, gives credit to all the allegations that he was involved in the making of the sleaze CD that rocked Rajasthan.

The allegations were that he wanted to unseat Mahipal Maderna and that in pursuance of this; he connived with the victim to make and circulate the CD. His alleged role in the making and the circulation of the CD has not been substantiated and this is one of the reasons why the CBI has not booked him. It is also true that there are no private complaints against known unknown persons for the making and circulation of the video CD. If that angle had been investigated, it is highly probable that Sunil Gurjar may have found himself in the clutches of the law.

If the contents in the latest complaint about Sunil Gurjar are true, it clearly shows that he has no integrity. As per the details that are available, it is his own brother in law who was filed the complaint. If it is true that he has created his own brother in law, it is not hard to imagine him cheating others or finding shortcuts to acquire wealth. Similarly, there are also allegations against him that he has been running an NGO which is involved in making money from innocent victims who are asked to pay a fee for registration.

If all the collective allegations are true, then it is very easy to see the large picture that Sunil Gurjar is probably neck-deep in his role in the crime against Bhanwari Devi. He has reportedly given interviews to media that he was not involved in the making and distribution of the CD. However, he also claimed that he had informed or attempted to inform Mahipal Maderna about the existence of a CD. As per his own admission he was aware of the CD much before it became public knowledge. However, he has not given a detailed explanation of how he came to know about the CD. Similarly, in one of the recorded telephone calls of the victim, she speaks of how she was introduced to a power broker from Delhi who offered to pay a huge sum of money in return for silence and for destroying the CD.

The individual who facilitated this meeting between the victim and the power broker is none other than Sunil Gurjar. It is true that the act of introducing one to another does not necessarily constitute a crime, however it is important to understand that the circumstances surrounding the call and the events that followed after this call are very important as far as the abduction and disappearance of Devi are concerned. This effectively means that the individuals who facilitated and who were on the call were a part of the huge conspiracy to eliminate the victim. Though the investigating agencies may have looked into this angle, it is highly likely that the lack of suitable evidence has permitted Sunil Gurjar to escape from the law.

The fact that he has not been arrested does not actually clear him of all the allegations, but all of the murky happenings clearly indicate that he had a role to play in the case. His involvement is apparently very deep and goes back a very long time, much before the contents of the CD came in public domain. The complaint against him by his brother-in-law Surendra is a clear pointer to his activities. His quest to earn money does not differentiate between good and bad, relatives and strangers, the wealthy and poor, or any other parameter. For him, it is apparently money that counts, and the manner in which he earns the money does not really matter to him. Though it is possible that he may slip out from the law even in this case, there is no denying the fact that his activities make him a despicable human being.

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