Soul Music have had a great impact on entertainment since the 1950s down to the present year 2019. Soul music can be termed as a combination of gospel music and R&Bs. Mostly, it uses a lot of gospel-music devices, and a high emphasis on vocals and has a lot of similarities with R&B.  It usually has both religious and secular themes. Soul music was originated in Memphis and spread to the southern US.

Effects of Soul Music

Soul music has been used for entertainment and also for health benefits. It serves as a remedy for headache and stress. It is also helpful to people who suffer from chronic headaches and migraines by reducing the frequency and duration of a headache. It has a soothing effect that is good for the mind and soul.

Soul music also boosts one’s immunity. The music is often associated with emotions that can lead to the secretion of essential hormones that are ideal for reducing illnesses. When listening or singing soul music, it helps decrease your level of stress which is excellent for your overall health. Till date, soul music is a source of entertainment and also essential for health.

Characteristics of Soul Music

As explained earlier, soul, which also shares similarity with piano worship music, is rooted in gospel, rhythm, and blues. Some of its characteristics include:

·        Tone: Soul music is expressed by a wide range of emotions. The artists make use of various sounds from gentle, smooth to harsh and raspy in order to convey their message. For those who love going into deep thoughts while listening to music, these songs are the best because they are deep and they can take you to another world especially with your eyes are closed.

·        Rhythm: Soul music have a defined rhythm; they borrow many of their rhythm from 3 lines lyric style and the 12 bar that is mostly used in the early blues.

·        Response: Soul music also includes a massive call and response style. First, the artist will call out a phrase and then the others respond. This feature makes soul music more interesting

If you are unsure about your favorite music genre, you should try soul music. You will surely be amazed at the magic these songs can do in healing your broken soul.

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