German is a language that is mainly spoken in Central Europe. The German language is spoken by more than 120 million people in Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and some parts of Belgium, Northern Italy, and Eastern France. The German language is a key language in the European Union and the new economies of Central and Eastern Europe. There seems to be a great interest in the German language today. German is among the ten most popular languages in the world and that is why it got an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2006.

The German language consists of about 5.3 million words with a rising trend, in which about one-third of the words were added in the last 100 years. This shows that the language now has eight times as many words as the English language. The German language can create words by joining single words together to make a word, and so it is regarded as particularly rich language. German and English actually have more in common than one might think. There are some words that mean the same in English and German like “Kindergarten”, or “Strudel” for example. Sometimes too, the spellings look similar as in Englisch lernen (Learn English). But there are some words that are a bit tricky as well, those words are called “False Friends”. Words that are similar in German and English language, but they have different meanings.

The Standard German

People are often confused about what the term “Standard German” means. Standard German is another word for High German. Standard German or High German is a mixture of Middle German and Upper German and almost all the Austrian dialects are based on it. Although many Austrians insist on speaking their own language, the difference between both languages is almost nonexistent until now.


In The European Union, German is by far the most spoken native language in the world’s largest and strongest economic era. Vienna, the capital city of Austria, for the eighth time in a row has been awarded as the city with the largest quality of life worldwide. Vienna is popular among young people. So, if you want to gain international experience and want to improve your German language skills, Vienna is the best place to go.

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